Townsend Business Center Averts Ransomware Attack With Data Backups

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Ransomware continues to threaten both consumers and enterprises all over the world. Belfast-based Townsend Business Center faced major issues when their systems were held to ransom by unknown internet criminals. A sum of Bitcoins had to be paid to receive the decryption key and get rid of the malware, although that payment never took place. Instead, the matter was resolved by alerting the police.

Whenever a personal or enterprise device is infected with ransomware one should never give in to the ransom demands. Even though paying the Bitcoin amount is the most convenient way to solve this problem, there is no guarantee file access will be restored. At the same time, not having access to vital systems can cripple just about any business in the world.

Townsend Business Center Dodges Major Ransomware Attack

The Townsend Business Center in Belfast took a different approach to get rid of this malware attack. Company officials alerted the police once they learned about the ransomware attack, and let them open a formal investigation. For now, there is no indication as to who is behind this attack. What we do know, however, is how there was no Bitcoin transaction to meet the ransom demands.


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