TradeZero, Jered Kenna unite to create bitcoin ‘dark pool’ exchange

TradeZero, Jered Kenna unite to create bitcoin ‘dark pool’ exchangeTradeZero, Jered Kenna unite to create bitcoin ‘dark pool’ exchangeNassau, Bahamas-based and Securities Commission of the Bahamas-registered online broker dealer TradeZero has partnered with bitcoin serial entrepreneur Jered Kenna to create the world’s first “dark pool” exchange for bitcoin and eventually other digital currencies.

Dark pools, which refer to off-exchange trading between two parties, make up over 40 percent of the volume of stocks being traded on a given day. One of the original pioneers of bitcoin mining and trading, Kenna also pioneered the dark pool trading concept at his, and U.S.’s, first bitcoin exchange called Tradehill, which operated during 2011-13, a period of bitcoin’s infancy.

A global platform, TradeZero already allows commission-free ETF and stock trading, as well as the ability to trade equity and index options.

“We are looking to provide the non US investor with the same access, tools and discounted commission structure that many US traders enjoy today,” said Daniel Pipitone, director of TradeZero, Inc., in a press release sent to CoinReport.

TradeZero: Digital Currency allows safe and secure trading in cryptocurrency markets

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