Transaction Bottleneck Could Kill Bitcoin, NYU Academic Warns

Transaction Bottleneck Could Kill Bitcoin, NYU Academic Warns

David Yermack

David Yermack

Bitcoin’s growth – not government regulation – could kill bitcoin, according to one financial industry observer. David Yermack, chairman of the New York University (NYU) Stern School of Business finance department, told Fortune Magazine that bitcoin’s growth has jammed its payment system to the extent that some transactions take hours to process.

He said tens of thousands of unprocessed transactions are queued up, and bitcoin-accepting vendors are opting out of the network.

“It’s like trying to fit more cars on the highway where the highway needs to be widened at some point,” he said.

Decentralization: Good And Bad

Yermack called it ironic that bitcoin’s democratic process, afforded by its decentralized nature, made it popular but is now undermining it. The service currently has thousands of miners to clear a transaction. For the system to grow, the miners must agree on a solution to the current problem.

He said people saw the bottleneck coming.

Members who have invested thousands of dollars to mine bitcoin stand

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