Transmission 40 with Chris DeRose from a Counterparty Foundation

This week, Theo Goodman, of Transmission, talks with Chris DeRose, Community Director of a Counterparty Foundation, about Counterparty, XCP, Smart Contracts and Blockchains. Chris also shares his opinion on a “Blockchain but Bitcoin” debate.

447What can we do on a Counterparty height besides make tokens? What are intelligent contracts and what accurately is indispensable for them to work?

Is Bitcoin only a database? What creates Bitcoin different? Watch this week’s Transmission (above) for DeRose’s answers to these answers and so most more!

The Counterparty Foundation is an eccentric non-profit classification dedicated to fostering a expansion and open growth of a Counterparty platform.

Transmission is a weekly podcast featuring bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain record broadcasting live each Sunday during 3PM EST. The Spice Must Flow.

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