Transmission 41 with Dominik Weil from Bitcoin Vietnam

This week, On Transmission 41, Theo Goodman talks with Dominik Weil from Bitcoin Vietnam and also co owner of a Bitcoin Frankfurt Meetup. Bitcoin Vietnam non-stop dual weeks after Mt. Gox sealed in Mar 2013. Since a new cost boost over a final 3 weeks, Bitcoin Vietnam has seen a user bottom double.

What is a stream standing of bitcoin law in Vietnam? Bitcoin is totally unregulated in Vietnam. None of a supervision agencies see how it fits into their jurisdiction. The state bank says that bitcoin is not a banking so it’s not regulated, a method of trade says that it’s not a good or service, so they simply don’t umpire it.

In 2014 a state was meditative about regulation, though after a hype of Mt. Gox they didn’t put it high on their priority list.

We started Cash2VN that uses a bitcoin network to send income to Vietnam. We assign a 1% trade price to change into Bitcoin and a prosaic price of $2.00 for each transaction. You can send income to any bank in a nation and we can send income to your ID but carrying an comment with a bank.


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