Transmission 42 with Flavien Charlon from Coinprism

Transmission 42 with Flavien Charlon from Coinprism

The “blocksize debate” that is unequivocally a blocksize limit discuss is an ongoing discussion. Currently a extent is 1MB, when Flavion was asked his opinion on a discuss he pronounced

“I consider it is going to have to occur (some kind of increase) differently we have this extent of 7 exchange per sec. There are some prolonged tenure solutions such as a lighting network, 1MB is only pointless number, 2MB cannot change most and for this we need a fork. People that do not wish an boost mostly contend that they do not wish a fork”

The lighting network is a approach to do offline exchange but trust. The exchange are afterwards put on a blockchain when a remuneration channel is sealed that helps Scalability.

“this requires a softfork and is difficult formula and not only a series change like a blocksize”

Even a people behind a lightning network consider that a blocksize extent should be increased, they also contend that a lighting network is a prolonged tenure solution, not a brief tenure one.

Is it value it to have a flare with a large change or have a flare with a

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