Transmission 48 – LZF.COM and Incentivized Trading

This week, Theo talks with LZF (formerly PSCOIN) a new crypto sell that uses a opposite indication than normal exchanges.

Instead of elementary extent orders that can be retracted during any time, during LZF.COM we have to compensate a kingship to place a extent order, and this sequence collects royalties depending on a interest of a order. The interest is roughly a distance of a sequence times a cost of a order.

Incentivize Trading

The longer a sequence is on a books, a some-more royalties it collects. If someone cancels an order, afterwards they remove a royalties that go with that order, and they are given to a other orders on that side of a trade – buy or sell. Sound confusing?

The reason it competence sound treacherous is that this a opposite approach to trade. In many cases during exchanges we can place a extent sequence and redress it during anytime before it is filled. There is no inducement to place a extent sequence and keep it on a books. This is what LZF is perplexing to do, incentivize a trade behavior.

“I started meditative about how could we put a incentives on a marketplace to get accurately a kind

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