Trees: Bitcoin-Powered Drone Delivers Cannabis to Your Doorstep

Cointelegraph chatted with Marshall Hayner, the co-founder of Trees, a unique “cannabis delivery startup app” that accepts bitcoin and also hopes to employ drones in the future.

The team is lead by founders Marshall Hayner and Mikko Ohtamaa with an intense desire to shake up the cannabis industry. Just as Ohtamaa shook up the Bitcoin scene with localbitcoins, Trees aims to disrupt the cannabis environment via decentralization.

Taking the legal cannabis system and making it more Uber-esque for the mainstream, the project is creating a new way of doing business. The team looks forward to creating waves with its delivery service and use of p2p methods of commerce like bitcoin. Currently, bitcoin users can get a discount for their cannabis orders by using the digital currency.

“The industry as a whole has been stagnated by lack of innovation and greed. Bitcoin is a light in a dark tunnel for the cannabis industry.”

– Marshall Hayner

CoinTelegraph: What is Trees?

Marshall Hayner: We are a cannabis delivery startup app based out of San Francisco, CA. We are a for profit limited liability corporation in California that partners with select cannabis collectives and charges for the services of

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