Trestor Partners with Cameroon for New Currency Ecosystem


Moving towards its mission to create an efficient money, payment, and market system for the unbanked, Indian startup Trestor has partnered with the Cameroon government. With this partnership, Trestor aims to deliver last mile services in the southwest African country.

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cameroon-bitcoinistcameroon-bitcoinistTrests — Trestor’s digital tokens — are decentralized, private, freeze-proof, faster to transfer, and don’t need any transfer fees. The government of Cameroon selected Trests for this project after the success of Trestor’s previous partnership with Socapssi, a Cameroon organization that works to bridge the gap between the informal and national insurance sectors. Trestor, working with the Cameroon government to ensure the new currency ecosystem’s launch, is confident that this new partnership will generate positive results.

Antoine De Padoue, founder of Socapssi and president of RDPF KUMZE, Cameroon’s minority opposition party, told IANS:

“The results were excellent. We enrolled 500 people between the ages of 15 and 35 from a small economically-knit community. We asked them to use ‘Trest’ as their default method of payment for

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