Trezor Hardware Wallets May Soon Support Ethereum

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Trezor, the hardware Bitcoin wallet from SatoshiLabs will soon allow users to store ether in it as well. The latest news snippet is making rounds on the internet communities. The claims about Trezor extending support to ether is also backed by the respective source code for the hardware wallet which is available on the device’s GitHub repository.

Ethereum is probably the next best thing that ever happened to the cryptocurrency industry. As the demand for ether, the crypto tokens used on the Ethereum network increases, many exchanges, and trading platforms have already included the digital currency. The inclusion of ether was initially a market-driven decision, influenced by customers who have been asking the well-known digital currency platforms to enable Ethereum trading. However, the Ethereum movement has been a bit slow to catch up in the hardware sector.

By including Ethereum support on Trezor, Satoshi Labs – the company behind Trezor may as well be the first hardware wallet provider to create wallets that support ether. Going by the available information, those interested in using a hardware wallet for their ether stash can readily do so in the coming days by just buying a new Trezor wallet. At the same time, existing owners

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