Trezor Unveils ‘Ultimately Secure’ Bitcoin Wallet Password Manager

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Czech Republic-based SatoshiLabs has announced the Trezor Password Manager, calling it the “ultimately secure ‘no master password’ cloud solution.”  

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The new service enables users to store and manage their password in a secure fashion. SatoshiLabs says they are bringing the great attributes of advanced cryptography to users regardless if they have savvy technical skills or not.

Password Manager Brings ‘Advanced Cryptography’

Currently, the Chrome extension is available for public beta testing for anyone who owns a Trezor device.

SatoshiLabs says the interface is quite simple, and users can encrypt passwords with their hardware wallet. Password Manager then uploads the encrypted information to the owner’s cloud storage where they can be worry free from the troubles of leaks, keyloggers, phishers, and hackers.

Trezor Password manager

The company says traditional password managers have a critical flaw of a master password that can enable an attack vector that showcases the entire database. Companies such as LastPass have suffered from this issue and typically login information can be sold on the black market. Worse, after having full access to your online data, your identity and certain information

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