Trusted Backers Make NeuCoin More Trustable


In times when most of the digital currency projects grow up to be nothing but farce, new investors find themselves doubting even the ones that promises some potential. Over the years, Bitcoin has inspired many developers to experiment with its open source code to execute something really innovative. But, in reality, only a few have managed to really bring out technologies that can improve upon Bitcoin.

This is the only reason why a new cryptocurrency like NeuCoin will be faced with doubts initially. But if one sees beyond its “altcoin” tag, he/she can see a hoard of talent working towards bettering this innovative take on Bitcoin.

Mid Post Ads

Mid Post Ads

Before its launch, the NeuCoin has managed to attract cryptocurrency veterans like Jackson Palmer, the Dogecoin’s creator, and Bitcoin Foundation advisor Brock Pierce, to invest into their project. What’s further attractive about NeuCoin is the team that has been associated with the developments of some of the highest visited projects.

For instance: one of the developers involved in the NeuCoin project is a co-founder of King, the company who created Candy Crush Saga. Moreover, the digital currency project is also backed by Rob Goldman (an executive at Facebook), Emil Michael (Uber’s senior vice president of business), and many other key professionals.

Till date, Neucoin had raised around $2.5 millions from dozen of such veterans, proving its mettle in an often slow altcoin industry. It is one of the many reasons why a new investor would likely to put his stake in a project which is backed by some of the leading A-grade veterans of Bitcoin industry.

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