Tunisian Government Looking for Bitcoin Intern

Tunisia’s Ministry of Technologies and Digital Economy is reportedly seeking a Bitcoin intern to learn about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

According to a signed job advertisement currently being circulated on various social media channels, Tunisia’s government requires the appointed personnel to undertake specific FinTech research — related to Bitcoin and its underlying technologies — and study its impact on the nation’s existing banking infrastructure. A loose translation of their document is stated as follows:

“We are looking for an intern to assist a project that establishes the advantages and disadvantages of the use of Bitcoin, analyze the impact of Bitcoin on the banking system and present applications that are being developed on the “Blockchain” to answer the various issues about privacy, security, freedom, transparency, etc.”

The news marks the possibilities of Tunisian government utilizing the Bitcoin technology for a number of purposes — ranging from redesigning its banking infrastructure to collecting taxes. Though the country has never spoken out loud in favor — or against — the digital currency sector, its

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