Turkey National Police Hacked

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A hacker known as ROR[RG], a prominent member of the notorious “Hell”, has released a massive database belonging to the Turkey National Police. ROR[RG] isn’t a stranger to headlines, being the hacker behind the Adult Friend Friend breach, exposing the personal details of nearly 4 million users. Despite recent reports by the media, ROR[RG] isn’t associated with Anonymous in any way at all.

In order to better reach the public, ROR[RG] passed along the hacked data to “Cthulhu”, a privacy activist who is known to host hacked data, just recently he hosted the hacked data of a US police union. On the website, it is made known that “in light of various government abuses in the past few months” by Turkey, ROR[RG] “has decided to take action against corruption by releasing this.”

With Cthulhu now hosting the data, ROR[RG] uploaded it as well. He provided instructions on accessing the data in a “README” file on a server hosting the database among other things.

He explains that the data released comes in two parts, the first part being a 5GB disk image that can be mounted which can then be made use of with an executable that can

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