Two Arrested in Romania for Ordering 50 Grams of Amphetamine from the Netherlands

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Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) arrested two men on November 3 for drug trafficking and international drug trafficking. DIICOT’s Bacau Territorial Service announced the arrest on the official press release site on November 7.

DIICOT Investigators believed the two men ordered a package from the Netherlands in late September using the internet. From the press release:

There is reasonable suspicion that in September 2016 the defendants Serban Marius and Rachiteanu Eusebius-Gabriel initiated steps to acquire high-risk drugs. In this case they accessed networks to track down and get in touch with a provider of amphetamine abroad, in clandestine conditions.

The men were in contact with an amphetamine vendor from the Netherlands, sources explained. After establishing contact, Marius and Eusebius-Gabriel placed an order for 50 grams of amphetamine. Bitcoin was used as the payment method.

Prosecutors explained, in a statement to a newspaper, that the suspects had the package shipped to the address of an acquaintance. The recipient gave permission to use his home address for delivery after being convinced the package would only contain phone parts.

The package went through Romania’s postal system in early November with stamps issued from the Netherlands. It made no mention of the sender

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