Two Drug Dealers Busted In India

The brothers, Mayank Kumar Sahu (22) and Piyush Kumar Sahu (20) were arrested by Central Crime Service (CCS) investigators and task force detectives in Hyderabad, India. The two men allegedly sold drugs they bought from the dark web, more precisely, from the Nucleus Marketplace. During the police bust on Wednesday, the law enforcement authorities seized around 100 LSD blotters. The two men have both worked as graphics designers.

According to the Times of India, earlier this week, the local police has arrested the associates of the two drug dealers, Mustafa Mohiuddin (27), Junaid Raza Siddiqui (25) and Md Manzil Mukarram Pasha (26). They were in the possession of 45 LSD blotters and six grams of ephedrine powder. The law enforcement authorities stated they found the Sahu brothers from the information they acquired from the three men.

According to police information, the Sahu brothers after buying the drugs from the dark web contacted Mustafa Mohiuddin in order to market and sell the illegal substances. Around a week ago, the brothers provided Mohiuddin 45 LSD blotter and a few grams of ephedrine to be sold. The police arrested Mohiuddin and his two associates, Siddiqui and Pasha, when they tried to sell the drugs to potential customers at King Koti.

The arrested persons, along with the seized illegal substances, were handed over to the Central Crime Service for further investigation.

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