UFOMiners Begins A New Era For Cryptocoin Mining

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As bitcoin mining becomes some-more competitive, UFOMiners continues to deposit in new record to safeguard miners have a many modernized equipment. In dual years, a Las Vegas-based association has introduced 8 mining machines to accommodate a specific needs of today’s mining community.



At a commencement of 2014, UFOMiners took a pioneering purpose in a new mining record generation. After dual years of tough work production and testing, they were means to recover second-generation mining apparatus that meets a needs of a far-reaching operation of miners.

No Third Party Solutions

The association develops all of the components eccentric of third-party solutions, gripping an eye on new methods and technologies to boost opening and diminution costs. Some high-tech modules are combined during a partner production trickery in Asia.

“Our group of experts worked for over dual years in sequence to offer the recently expelled products that are high powered and cost-effective,” pronounced Ruben Vos, UFOMiners media coordinator. “Since we recently expelled our

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