UFOMiners Begins A New Era For Cryptocoin Mining

As bitcoin mining becomes more competitive, UFOMiners continues to invest in new technology to ensure miners have the most advanced equipment. In two years, the Las Vegas-based company has introduced eight mining machines to meet the specific needs of today’s mining community.



At the beginning of 2014, UFOMiners took a pioneering role in the new mining technology generation. After two years of hard work manufacturing and testing, they were able to release second-generation mining equipment that meets the needs of a wide range of miners.

No Third Party Solutions

The company develops all of its components independent of third-party solutions, keeping an eye on new methods and technologies to increase performance and decrease costs. Some high-tech modules are created at a partner manufacturing facility in Asia.

“Our team of experts worked for over two years in order to offer our recently released products which are high powered and cost-effective,” said Ruben Vos, UFOMiners media coordinator. “Since we recently released our

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