UK Darknet Drug Sales Flourish Since Government Banned Psychoactive Substances

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The number of drug sales on the darknet continues to increase at an alarming rate. Not just because it is becoming easier to access these platforms, but also due to anti-drug regulation. The United Kingdom approved a law to ban psychoactive substances, which have become one of the new hot commodities on the deep web in recent months.

If banning drugs would stop vendors and customers from dealing with narcotics, the world could be a better place right now. Unfortunately, that is not the way the cookie crumbles. In fact, banning something will only make people want it more, creating an adverse effect.  With the darknet already being home to thousands of drug dealers, the UK government have just given them a freebie to create a new lucrative business model.

UK Law Creates Darknet Opportunities

In May of 2016, the UK government effectively started banning brain-enhancing substances. This includes the so-called nootropics, which allow users to stay focused for extended periods of time. On the other hand, the government was also quick to create a list of pre-approved substances, including nicotine and alcohol. This is not a surprise, as alcohol and

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