UK Government Data on Thousands For Sale on Darknet

The digital identities of tens of thousands of Britons are accessible for sale on a darknet including ‘thousands’ stolen from supervision databases, comparison officials have claimed.

An unnamed “Whitehall confidence official” told the FT that personal information, including all a bank sum a fraudster could need to raid an individual’s account, were accessible for around $30 on average.

However, information gleaned from a supervision gateway—which includes potentially even some-more profitable personal taxation and amicable confidence data—has been on sale for around $75.

It’s misleading when a digital identities of UK adults were stolen from these supervision databases, nonetheless there have been signs in a past that not all breaches of a Data Protection Act get reported to remoteness watchdog a ICO.

Back in Jun confidence organisation ViaSat UK submitted Freedom of Information requests to all UK military army and found that they dealt with during slightest 13,000 device burglary cases between Mar 2014 and Mar 2015.

However, a ICO investigated only 1,089 breaches over a same period.

That led to calls for larger powers to be given to a watchdog to safeguard all threats are reported and risks minimized.

The news comes as a vital cyber-attack on ISP TalkTalk continues to make headlines.


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