UK Prime Minister Cameron Praises the Innovate Finance Manifesto Despite Views on Encryption


Innovate Finance, an independent membership-based industry organization that aims to advance Great Britain’s standing as a leader in financial technology (FinTech) innovation both domestically and abroad, has released its new manifesto: Innovate Finance Manifesto: 2020.

“Our vision for 2020 is for the U.K. to be the most investment-friendly environment for FinTech globally, attracting $4 billion of venture investment and $4 billion of institutional investment in corporate venture funds, accelerators and innovation programs,” states the manifesto. “Our vision for 2020 is for the U.K. to be the premier location for at least 25 global FinTech leaders, whether by IPO, global market share or by valuation.”

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The manifesto mentions the need for effective regulation, a proactive policy environment and a commitment to greater financial inclusion, and emphasizes that the U.K. must produce more graduates in technical disciplines and create a deep pool of mathematical and scientific expertise. In partnership with Open University, Innovate Finance developed the world’s first introduction course to FinTech.

The coming wave of graduates

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