UK Resort Town Sees a New Bitcoin ATM

UK Resort Town Sees a New Bitcoin ATM

An Italian grill now offers congregation a possibility to buy bitcoin and compensate for dishes with bitcoin, carrying introduced the initial bitcoin ATM in Bournemouth, U.K., a review on a southern seashore of England, according to Daily Echo, a internal newspaper.

Better La Strada picture

Ami Norian, owners of La Strada grill in Bournemouth, displays his bitcoin ATM. Img credit: Daily Echo.

The ATM was commissioned by Heliopay, a retailer of digital record solutions that operates bitcoin ATMs elsewhere in a U.K. and supports Airbitz bitcoin wallets.

Owner: Bitcoin The Future

Ami Norian, who owns a restaurant, La Strada, pronounced bitcoin is a approach of a future. He pronounced people will use a appurtenance to deposit income and to compensate a grill in bitcoin.

John Anthony, a consultant during Heliopay, pronounced a initial bitcoin ATM in Bournemouth will hopefully interest to younger people who are wakeful of bitcoin.

One patron tweeted they were astounded to see the bitcoin ATM machine. They did not expect

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