UK Watchdog Files Against GCHQ In European Court Of Human Justice

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LONDON – On Friday morning, the London-based internet privacy watchdog Privacy International, along with five other internet rights groups, lodged an application before the European Court of Human Rights against the UK Government’s use of bulk hacking abroad.

The group, which was founded in 1990 and describes itself as “committed to fighting for the right to privacy across the world,” decided to bring the case to ECHR after the UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal refused to rule on whether British intelligence organization GCHQ’s broad powers under the Intelligence Services Act 1994 section 7 – authorizing any unlawful acts committed abroad – complied with the European Convention of Human Rights.  Articles 8 and 10 of the Convention require all interference with the human rights to privacy and freedom be “prescribed by law.”  The application’s co-claimants include internet activist groups GreenNet (UK), Chaos Computer Club (Germany), May First (US), Jinbonet (Korea), and RiseUp (US).

Privacy International’s application follows a Judicial Review they filed in May, challenging the IPT’s decision that the Government can issue “thematic” warrants, such as one covering “all mobile phones in London.”

Despite this, the GCHQ may bypass articles 8 and 10 through

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