UK watchdog warns of ‘official’ emails stealing Bitcoin ransomware

Don’t open that official-looking message! It competence be a virus, according to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB). The British watchdog has issued a warning about a new call of Bitcoin ransomware.

The crypto-related malware attacks disguised as messages from British supervision agencies and obvious companies like British Gas, Ministry of Justice and UK Home Office. The official-looking emails are being used to widespread TorrentLocker malware, that includes opposite pathogen variants that reason a victim’s digital files warrant unless a release in Bitcoin is paid to a hackers.

torrentlocker bitcoin ransomware“The NFIB has identified dual categorical methods now being used by cyber criminals to pretence victims to downloading a virus,” a bureau’s warning says.

According to a cybersecurity watchdog, a emails “sent” by British Gas make a victims click an connection or couple by revelation them the summary includes their latest bill or statement, while a messages from the Ministry of Justice and Home Office enclose a couple or connection with information on an torrentlocker bitcoin ransomwareupcoming justice case.

If a victims follow a couple instead of downloading a attachment, they are asked to fill in a captcha code box with a formula provided,

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