Ukraine Bitcoin License Plans Have Been Put On Ice

Various countries around the world are contemplating whether or not they have to undertake additional action to regulate Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Until very recently, Ukraine had a Bitcoin License proposal, but that has been killed off very recently.

The Ukraine Bitcoin License Bill Falls Through

People who have been following the status of Bitcoin in the Ukraine will remember the efforts made by the Ukrainian Bitcoin Foundation to create a regulatory framework Bitcoin companies could comply with relatively quickly. The first type of this Bitcoin License was not to the liking of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the country, and through collaboration, a better version had to be created.

Michael Chobanian, the founder of the KUNA Bitcoin Agency, sat together with Ukrainian government officials to revamp the Bitcoin License proposal. In May of last year, it looked like all parties involved could come to some agreement and established a set of guidelines that would not hinder innovation in the country. In fact, a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs in the country seemed to take a liking to this initiative.

It became quite clear to the government that Bitcoin and its underlying technology hold a lot of value for any country in

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