Ukraine Student Sold Hard Drugs Over Tor in Exchange for Bitcoin

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Bitcoin has mostly been compared with bootleg activities on a Internet, trimming from drug traffic to assassination and only about all in between. However, nothing of this is to censure on Bitcoin or a technology, as Internet criminals accept a form of remuneration they consider offers anonymity, that Bitcoin does not. That being said, a new Bitcoin-powered drug network in Ukraine has been rolled adult by a police, and an underage tyro is confronting rapist charges for offered tough drugs over Tor.

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Underage Student Accepts Bitcoin for Hard Drugs

Although steal can start during any age, it does not occur mostly underage students review to selling tough drugs as a approach to acquire some money. That was not a conditions in a Ukraine, though, as law coercion arrested one underage chairman who is suspected of using a tough drugs placement height on a Internet.

Among a drug offerings sole are heroin, cocaine, and methadone, all of that are intensely addictive and totally bootleg in a country. Selling these substances over a Internet in sell for Bitcoin seemed to be a very

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