UN CITO Plans To Secure Dark Web With “Digital Blue Helmets”

Techtarget made an interview with Atafeh Riazi, the UN CITO (Chief Information Technology Officer), where she shared her ideas how to secure the dark web. According to her, the dark net can be foiled with “Digital Blue Helmets”, an expert group that will serve as the peacekeepers of the cyber world. She made this statement about the new group:

“We are establishing a group we call the Digital Blue Helmets because we see the future changing in the cyber world. We do have the peacekeepers on the ground. But if you look at peace in the physical world and peace in the cyber world, those are two different things, and the Digital Blue Helmets will be our experts who can operate in the cyber world protecting the UN from cyber intrusion, and helping our substantive arms in delivering their missions in the cyber world. We need all the technology people in the world who want to do good to join and support us and ensure this group can play a positive role in cybersecurity and [combatting] cybercrime, starting with issues of human trafficking — things that we need to stop.”

Riazi’s plan with the Digital Blue Helmets is to create the “light web”, “to counteract the evil part of the dark web”. She also said that they have already started recruiting a small group of experts to get the project started.

The UN CITO also stated that the United Nations is currently investing in security solutions, tools, and they also try to reorganize their logistics department. Riazi’s official statement goes by:

“We are also looking at reinventing our logistics operations. Cybersecurity is another area. Many threats in the physical world have moved to the cyber world, to the dark web. So we are investing in security solution products, tools and training for our team, not only on the IT side, but on the operations side.”

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