Understanding The Real Value of Bitcoin Mining

There are a lot of aspects to the Bitcoin mining ecosystem. Many outsiders see this as a waste of resources, particularly when taking into account how miners receive a small reward for doing so. But the mining process is not just about money; it is also a way to secure the Bitcoin network. More importantly, it is what makes Bitcoin tick, and how consensus is achieved.

Bitcoin Mining Is More Important Than You Think

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When talking about Bitcoin mining, the majority of people see it as a way to make money by using their computer. While it is still possible to mine with a regular computer, the electricity costs far outweigh the earnings for the majority of enthusiasts. This is also part of the reason why Bitcoin mining is often referred to as being “wasteful”.

The Bitcoin mining process requires a lot of electricity, and the average reward miners earn is relatively small in comparison. Then again, this reward also depends on how high the Bitcoin price is at that given time. If the stars and planets align, Bitcoin mining can be [marginally] profitable for home miners.

What most people tend to

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