Undocumented Human Tour Embarks on Second Trip Around US

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Last year, Bitcoin.com reported on the the Undocumented Human Tour, talking to Alma Sommer and Brian Stith about how they are raising their child Neo without governance. Now, the family is traveling around the U.S. once again, using cryptocurrencies for the voyage and even partnering up with the Bitcoin.com bus.

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We chatted with Alma Sommer just as they were leaving Chino Valley, Arizona to attend the Rethinking Everything Conference in Alabama. Sommer gave our readers an update on how things are going during this year’s trip, and the family’s use of cryptocurrency along the way.

The family uses Dash, Litecoin, Peercoin, Bitcoin and barter to fund their trip across the states. While helping with the Bitcoin.com bus, the Undocumented Human family submitted a proposal to the Dash voting protocol for funding. Following a successful vote, they will introduce Dash as a sponsor of the next Jackalope Freedom Festival and re-brand the family Winnebago to the “Dash Mobile.”


Undocumented Human Family Meets up With the Bitcoin.com Bus Submits a Dash Proposal 

Bitcoin.com (BC): Last time we spoke we discussed your child as being an undocumented human.

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