UNICEF’s Unicoin — Virtual Currency to Do Good

United Nations International Children’s Fund, UNICEF has partnered with HM Conscious Foundation to launch Unicoin, the first cryptocurrency dedicated to do good. Unlike other currencies, Unicoin is powered by the imagination of children and not by any other fiat currency or digital currency.

How to obtain Unicoin?

There is only one way anyone can lay their hands on Unicoin, that’s by exchanging a drawing made by a child. In order to exchange the drawing, one has to do it together with the child who drew it.

Where to spend Unicoin?

Unicoin has only one purpose — empowering children by providing them access to learning opportunities and staying true to it, Unicoin can be used only to buy stationery and education supplies.

Why Unicoin?

It is scientifically proven that children possesses the ability to learn new things rapidly during the first 8 years of their life. It is also found that by educating children coming from disadvantaged backgrounds early in life can increase the chances of them having a better outcome, creating a better future.

Unicoin is created as a way to create awareness about the importance of educating children while providing a way for individuals to contribute for the cause.


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