UniPAY Teams With Snapcard to Offer Bitcoin Option to 55,000 Users

In a latest blog post, San Francisco-based Bitcoin wallet provider Snapcard has announced its partnership with Georgia-based e-wallet company UniPAY which will benefit the latter’s 55,000 fully verified members, including e-wallet users and merchants.

The Bitcoin option will be provided initially to the fully verified 55,000 UniPAY users out of the registered 148,000 wallet users.

This partnership will empower UniPAY users to seamlessly transfer money in the form of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, and also allow conversion between the cryptocurrencies and the local currency.

UniPAY boasts of users from various fields such as local mobile carriers, ISPs, airlines, utilities companies and gaming sites.

The announcement penned by Snapcard’s Operations Manager Jack Jia quoted the CEO of UniPAY Koba Kurdadze  as saying,

Right now visitors cannot always use their international cards to pay for goods and services in Georgia– the Bitcoin option will help break down those frictions and barriers. We are very happy to have partnered with Snapcard to launch this exciting new product for our users and merchants.

The past few months have seen Bitcoin company Snapcard aggressively partnering with different companies. In June, the Company announced its collaboration with online rewards system Tango Card which allowed users to

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