United Kingdom — A Bitcoin Paradise

Different states in the United States of America have different stances against Bitcoin and other digital currencies. While some states like Texas view Bitcoin favorably, there are others like New York which are hell-bent on making things tough for Bitcoin based startups and businesses.

Meanwhile across the Atlantic Ocean in the United Kingdom, it is a completely different story. Unlike other countries, the United Kingdom is showing all signs of becoming the global hub for the Bitcoin industry. Starting from the way HM Treasury handled the initial proposals for introducing digital currencies to the recent effort by the British Prime Minister’s Office to promote Britain’s Bitcoin industry overseas, the nation has been proactively supporting the digital currency industry.

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United Kingdom has been known as the financial hub for Europe. The nation has realized the importance of Bitcoin in international finance and has been working in the right direction to ensure it remains relevant even after traditional banking and finance as we know it today dies a slow death. The Innovate Finance initiative to foster innovation in the fintech sector, sponsored and supported by the City of

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