Universal Bitcoin Payment System OneBit Enters Alpha Testing


In April, Bitcoin Magazine reported that startup OneBit was developing a Bitcoin wallet app that lets users pay at any store with contactless mobile payment by seamlessly and transparently accessing the credit card payment networks. OneBit securely converts users’ bitcoin on the fly into any major local currency and pays merchants via their NFC payment terminals, at zero fees.

Now, OneBit developer Toby Hoenisch has announced on Reddit that OneBit has entered alpha testing, and the first handful of alpha users are doing test transactions around the globe. In an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Hoenisch answered many questions from the participants.

Hoenisch confirmed that OneBit has zero fees.

“You will be able to pay world wide, at market rates at any shop that accepts credit cards via NFC!” he said. “But before we launch OneBit we want to make sure that our security is top notch. And for that we are talking with a bunch of highly motivated investors to bring bitcoin main stream.”

The OneBit website states that the developers plan to go into closed beta soon and invites readers to sign up for early access.


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