Unlucky man upgrades PC and loses $67000 in Bitcoin

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If you’re meditative about upgrading your PC, be certain to backup each bit of critical information on your storage device before creation a transition, differently we could be out $67,000. Well, substantially not, though it did presumably occur to some bad essence who posted his sad story on Reddit.

Posted underneath a username me_is_idiot, a former college tyro explained how he listened about Bitcoins around 6 years ago and how they were going to be a subsequent large thing. He figured he competence as good collect some to addition a income he was bringing in by websites he had setup with some rough ad networks.

“Over a march of one division I’d gotten around 150 Bitcoins, that during a time was value around $11. What a rubbish of fucking time!,” he thought. “These things haven’t exploded like they were ostensible to, behind to my matched betting and overwhelming websites!”

He stored a Bitcoins on his laptop, that he upgraded a year after with some-more RAM and a faster tough drive. So as not to remove his Bitcoins—his whole $11—he penned a “little spiteful note” to himself and folded it over his aged tough drive.

That was 6 years ago. He given graduated

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