Unocoin launches Bitcoin mobile app on iOS and Android

Bangalore-based Unocoin, which is India’s main Bitcoin company, has launched a new mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. Unocoin’s app will allow consumers to buy, sell, send, receive and store bitcoin all in one place, from any remote device, said a statement.

It makes Unocoin the first company to offer a full featured mobile Bitcoin app in India, which is seeing a surge in interest in cryptocurrency, in particular of late with the government’s decision to demonetize 500 and 1,000 rupee notes. Places like Mumbai and Bangalore are now seasoned technology hubs, and Unocoin knows the mobile market could potentially run to over a billion users.

Abhinand Kaseti, co-founder and CMO of Unocoin said, “As of now, there are more than one billion Indians who use mobile phones. More than 300 million use their phones regularly for accessing the internet. This trend is expected to go up by 56% per year.

“We focused on creating a design and interface that provided a seamless user experience on mobile. Customer satisfaction, easy navigation and user simplicity are the most important tenets to us, and we wanted to provide an even more convenient way for users to access and manage

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