Unsung.org ‘Hacker House’ Has Been Robbed

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“This is a big setback For us,” founder Jason King says in a Facebook post notifying followers of a robbery committed against the Unsung.org “Hacker House.”

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Hacker House Robbed

The hacker house of Unsung.org, an application which seeks to deliver unwanted food from local caterers and restaurants to the homeless, powered by bitcoin, was robbed today. The Unsung.org application allows users to be rewarded in the digital currency for doing good deeds.

As Jason King, Director and founder of Unsung.org, wrote on Facebook:

Sometimes it feels like no good deed goes unpunished. The Unsung.org Hacker House we have been working out of just got robbed. We got back from lunch and the air conditioner was kicked in. They took Laptop, iPad, iPhone, and anything they could grab that looked sellable.

Broad daylight, busy area.

Apparently the security system that is supposed to be on the windows in the unit has been off this whole time because it was overrided/turned of by the landlord because he “forgot” the security code.

This is a big setback for us.

I’m in total shock.

Jason King Unsung.org Hacker House
Jason King of Unsung.org

Unsung.org recently partnered with Arcade City,

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