UPDATE: Greek Island Trials Digital Currency Solution to Boost Economy

Drachmae Connect, a tourism business network, is using NXT technology in attempt to help ease liquidity problems and business-to-business trade in the Island of Agistri. Support from the mayor of Agistri has enabled a partnership between the social network,  Nautiliuscoin, Drachmae.money payment gateway, Coinstructors and SuperNET, as they begin testing in Greece.

A Tourism Landing Pad

John McLeod, a press contact with Drachmae Connect, described the company as a “business-to-business platform that will not only allow merchants to exchange services, but also enable tourists to book vacations at a discount using their mobile phone.” He said Coinstructors is managing the project. He continued:

“This solution draws inspiration from the highly successful WIR Bank that manages and issues the private currency WIR franc in Switzerland. The WIR Bank was established by two Swiss businessmen in 1934 in response to a failing economy and currency shortages.”

According to Drachmae Connect, “Discounts of up to 90% can be obtained depending on the owner’s discretion.”

The initiative aims to attract tourists with major discount tokens that can be purchased at their website. The opportunity of a decentralized equity and crowdfunding platform to the local Greek businesses is also

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