Updated: Segregated Witness Merged Into Bitcoin Core Release

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Updated during 1:40pm EST:

Segregated Witness has been merged into Bitcoin Core.

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During a Bitcoin Core growth assembly on Thursday, it was motionless that a formula for Segregated Witness (SegWit) is prepared to be joined into a master branch. According to Bitcoin Core writer Eric Lombrozo, a combine is approaching to take place in a entrance days.

Why This Is a Big Deal

Segregated Witness is an alleviation to a Bitcoin custom that enables a accumulation of new facilities and enhancements to a network. Much of a Bitcoin village is vehement about this change due to a effective boost to a Bitcoin block distance extent to roughly 1.7 megabytes.

In further to a effective retard distance extent increase, there are also a crowd of other advantages compared with this custom change. Segregated Witness fixes a obvious transaction malleability issue, that was infamously blamed by former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles for a detriment of user funds. A repair for this longstanding bug in a Bitcoin custom is also compulsory for a Lightning Network, maybe Bitcoin’s many earnest scaling solution, to duty properly.

More recently, Bitcoin Core writer Johnson Lau discussed how SegWit

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