(Updated) Xapo subject of fraud lawsuit filed by LifeLock

Update: CoinReport has received, from Xapo’s communications agency, The Hatch Agency, a copy of a letter from LifeLock President Hillary Schneider in which she (Ms. Schneider) appears to be acknowledging that LifeLock has no claim. Here is the copy of the said letter:

LifeLock president letter 2LifeLock president letter 2 Lifelock president letter 1Lifelock president letter 1

Moreover, Steven Ragland, attorney representing Wences Casares, has issued the following statement:

“This is a baseless lawsuit.  LifeLock has no right to any Bitcoin related business or IP that Wences Casares or his colleagues may have worked on during their time at Lemon or after. As LifeLock’s President has attested in a legally binding document, LifeLock does not have any right, claim or interest to any Bitcoin IP.  LifeLock’s claims lack merit and we look forward to proving their allegations false.”

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Xapo CEO Wences Casares (left)

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