UPS Exec Dreams of a Bitcoin Future on Corporate Blog

As those in the finance industry are just now starting to realize, Bitcoin and its associated technology can be a boon to faster, more efficient business. Yet, there are plenty of other global industries that could use a technological upgrade, like global shipping. Industry leader UPS executive Rimas Kapeskas apparently sees the forest through the trees in a recent corporate blog about UPS, Bitcoin, and the future of the shipping industry.

UPS Exec sees Bitcoin bringing the world closer together

Rimas Kapeskas is the Managing Director of the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund and his post on the UPS Corporate blog site “Longitudes” focused on how the company can improve through new technologies. He clearly sees the limitations of rather ancient technologies like credit cards that create issues with account settlements that can take days and currency exchange rates that increase costs and waste time. Bitcoin would certainly be a quantum leap above such problems.

Kapeskas astutely points out that other industries are moving into the digital currency space.

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