US Congress Has No Plans To Oppose Rule 41 Amedments

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Most people are well aware of how Rule 41 will be a major problem for anyone looking to obtain privacy on the Internet. The US government has proposed several changes, although there is lots of opposition as well. While Congress has no plans to intervene, the Tor project is taking a clear stance against what this change may bring to the table.

Time To Oppose Rule 41 Before It Is Too Late

The proposed changes to Rule 41 would wreak havoc upon the concept of online privacy. Or to be more precise, it would effectively reduce privacy to zero. If this change is approved, the DOJ can hack any computer through a single warrant, regardless of the jurisdiction. A lot of Tor users will – undoubtedly – be targeted by such hacking attempts.

While many people expected the US Congress to look at this change and oppose it, that will not be the case anytime soon. It is not in their best interest to respect user privacy. Still, a lackluster approach will not do them any favors either. Thankfully, some people are opposing this change, and the Tor project is among the first to do so.

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