US Job Creation Still in Peril Whereas Bitcoin Job Creation Soars

There are quite a few major flaws when it comes to running a successful economy anywhere in the world these days.  Politicians making empty promises and not delivering on them is causing a lot of financial havoc, especially where the job market is concerned.  Saying “x amount of jobs will be added” sounds good when being interviewed by reporters, but the numbers don’t always add up.

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US Job Creation Stumbles, Jobless Rate Above 5%DigitalMoneyTimes_Job Creation Stumbles

Truth be told, creating more jobs out of thin air is not an easy job either.  Government officials have to come up with either new investors looking to open up shop in the US, or create a short-term business plan to get people off the unemployment lists for a few months.  Promises such as “200,000 additional jobs to be created in one month”, seem to be a target well out of reach.

That being said, the US government did what they could and managed to create a total of 142,000 new job openings in one month.  Keeping in mind over

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