US Marshals to Auction Silk Road’s Last Stash of Bitcoins

The crackdown on Silk Road by United States federal agents yielded a fortune in bitcoins along with the founder Ross Ulbricht and two more federal agents as an added bonus on a later date. Ross Ulbricht is currently serving his 20 year prison sentence in one of the US prisons for running the dark internet marketplace which sold anything from drugs to guns for hire (the guns for hire part is still debatable and hasn’t been proven by the prosecutors in the case yet).

The crackdown on Silk Road was achieved as part of a joint operation between US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Secret Service. Another federal law enforcement agency, US Marshals Service has been in charge of the seized goods from Silk Road (mostly bitcoins, that too a lot of them) since then. Not for long though, as the US Marshals Service has revealed that they will soon be auctioning off any remaining bitcoins they still have in their possession.

The total stash confiscated by the US Marshals Service is close to 174,000 bitcoins, which includes 144,000 bitcoins from Ross Ulbricht and the rest from bitcoin wallets connected to Silk Road.

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