US Prosecutors Unseal New Charges Against Bitcoin Exchange Operator

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A new complaint has been filed opposite Anthony Murgio, a former user of bitcoin sell, months after charges were initial submitted by a US Attorney’s Office for a Southern District of New York.

Court papers performed by CoinDesk fact 7 charges opposite Murgio, who was arrested in Jul alongside associate Yuri Lebedev and charged with a wrong operation of a income delivery business as good as income laundering. Murgio after posted $100,000 bail.

As in a strange indictment, Murgio is indicted of handling a immeasurable swindling for a wrong operation of in a new superseding indictment. Key to a intrigue was secretly representing a organisation as a members-only “Collectors Club” organization. Murgio also allegedly miscoded credit label sell in sequence to censor a fact that bitcoins were being purchased.

According to a filing, business were prompted to dubious their banks:

“Also in avail of their wrong scheme, Murgio and his co-conspirators intentionally educated business of to distortion to banks about a bitcoin sell sell a business were executing with, and to state secretly that they were for a sell of collectible items, and not for bitcoins.”

Later, a sell acquired control of a

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