Use Bitcoin at any NFC-enabled point-of-sale terminal on the planet, with Plutus

UK-based digital currency startup has launched a contactless payment application called Tap Pay. The app allows users to pay at any NFC payment enabled point of sale (POS) terminals or stores using bitcoin. CoinTelegraph conducted a convoy of leading entrepreneurs in the Bitcoin industry to get their perspectives of the project.

One Step Closer to Mainstream Adoption

BnkToTheFuture and Bitcoin Capital Fund manager, Simon Dixon, expressed his optimism toward the potential of the application.

“I have been waiting for something like this for a long time,” said Dixon.

“I currently use a bitcoin debit card for transactions like this and would love to throw away my plastic. This allows me to use bitcoin the same way I can use Apple Pay, but without the bank integration. My preference would be to spend bitcoin direct, but this is a great solution when you can’t spend your bitcoins with the merchant. I would want to know how expensive this is compared to a card payment where the merchant covers the fee and also if the bitcoins are converted at point of sale, or if it is simply adding converted bitcoins to a fiat enabled phone wallet,” he added.

BTCGreece founder, Thallos Marinos further emphasized the

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