Variety Jones’s Tale of a Corrupt FBI Agent could Lead to Attack on Ross Ulbricht


Courtesy of danjaeger via freephotos

A Silk Road Bitcoin wallet with $75 million protected by a passphrase known only to Ross Ulbricht and one other man. A corrupt FBI agent who runs a million-dollar-per-month darknet criminal operation. A roving team of mercenary bounty hunters. Singaporean safehouses, Interpol red notices, kidnapping and torture.

Those are the players and props for a story told by former Ulbricht mentor and fellow Silk Road mastermind Thomas Clark, aka “Plural of Mongoose” and “Variety Jones”, in a recent forum post at

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Clark claims that the FBI agent – code name “Diamond” – is intent on killing him and torturing Ulbricht’s mother and sister in order to procure the

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