VC Greed Will Destroy Bitcoin From Within

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The Bitcoin attention has seen a large seductiveness from VC’s all over a universe in new years, ensuing in a lot of sparkling blockchain projects to be in development.  However, VC’s are not a many studious people, as they wish to settle a timeline to grasp a lapse on investment as shortly as possible. This strife between VC expectations and a time compulsory for correct investigate and growth of blockchain solutions is a vital hazard to Bitcoin.

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VC Funding Is A Double-Edged Sword

A lot of Bitcoin companies and projects would be nowhere currently but a subsidy of rich VC’s as it is utterly expensive to run a business in a financial world. While there are utterly a few Bitcoin entrepreneurs who had warranted a lot of income in a past, it is always good to get some VC funding concerned along a way.

After all, there is a lot some-more to try entrepreneur support than only a financial side of things. These people have years of knowledge in a financial and record industry, and they will guide startups and entrepreneurs to safeguard their business devise is robust.

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