VC Greed Will Destroy Bitcoin From Within

The Bitcoin industry has seen a big interest from VC’s all over the world in recent years, resulting in a lot of exciting blockchain projects to be in development.  However, VC’s are not the most patient people, as they want to establish a timeline to achieve a return on investment as soon as possible. This clash between VC expectations and the time required for proper research and development of blockchain solutions is a major threat to Bitcoin.

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VC Funding Is A Double-Edged Sword

A lot of Bitcoin companies and projects would be nowhere today without the backing of wealthy VC’s as it is quite expensive to run a business in the financial world. While there are quite a few Bitcoin entrepreneurs who had earned a lot of money in the past, it is always good to get some VC funding involved along the way.

After all, there is a lot more to venture capitalist support than just the financial side of things. These individuals have years of experience in the financial and technology industry, and they will guide startups and entrepreneurs to ensure their business plan is robust.

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