VCpay Unifies Bitcoin With Mobile Virtual Card Payments

Spending Bitcoin is still a hurdle to overcome for most everyday consumers, as well as merchants who are still on the fence about whether or not to allow virtual currency payments.  While the waiting game in the traditional business world continues, Zazoo is taking a very different approach.  As of a few days ago, Bitcoin users can spend their funds online or within the Zazoo mobile app through the company’s mobile virtual card technology, called VCPay.

Zazoo’s VCPay – A Mobile Virtual CardZazoo VCPay

The world of Bitcoin and the virtual currency has seen various implementations of hybrid payment technologies in recent years.  After all, there are a ton of Bitcoin users who want to spend their virtual currency funds at any place and anytime, yet they are unable to do so.  Most of the merchants accepting Bitcoin payments today only do so through their online shops, while in-store Bitcoin payments are still facing adoption struggles.

Zazoo, a UK subsidiary of Nett UEPS Technologies, recently signed a deal with Bitcoin’s universal platform BitX to take the fight against interoperability challenges to the next level.  Rather than waiting for merchants and the

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