Vendor “Dr Ropata”: The PsyOps I was Subjected To

Ollie bassweight, is an electronic musician, blogger and internet activist from new Zealand who has done many notable things including: doxing himself on reddit to expose flaws on market-places and forums and tackling the problem of drug prohibition around the world . This inadvertently propelled him to also tackle internet security and privacy issues. As a result has was subject to a PSYOP and Defamation Campaign by his country’s government in order to hide its illegal activities. I think that it is courageous of Ollie to take on governments and expose their wrongdoings. He had a blog, but took it down due to privacy and legal issues.

Ollie, on his blog, chronicled his time evading law enforcement and his experiences of being bullied online. Ollie was attacked by people with fake online personas, and as a result he lost his clearnet emails and accounts. Furthermore, he was subject to in-person intimidation and bullying. This is his story.


My name is Olie Bassweight and it has been a while since by last blog update.I feel that it is necessary to explicate

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