Venezuela: A Severe Case of Bolivaritis (Op-Ed)

For outsiders, Venezuela is a big unknown. For insiders, the country is a subsidiary of economic hell. Everybody knows Venezuela’s struck with hyperinflation, but that’s like knowing someone with Ebola has a fever. It is a symptom, not a cause, and the disease is called Bolivaritis.

For those uninitiated, we’re about to learn how naive it is to think that Venezuela is a “normal” country with a bout of hyperinflation, when it faces much bigger problems than that. We need to consider that the country is on the brink of a civil war and experiencing the following “symptoms”:

Symptom 1: Civil Unrest

To many Venezuelans, this is can be lethal as disease as hunger and desperation lead to aggressive riots and looting where many deaths occur among the parties involved. However, there’s no need to be a protester or an angry rioter to be in danger, as 14 year old Kluibert Roa Nuñez found out when a police officer shot him dead while he happened to be near university students running from the ones supposed to maintaining civil order. When consulted by CT about this, a Venezuelan bitcoiner named José Rodriguez said:

“Without exaggerating, my

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