Ver & Maxwell Conflict: Government Forced Sharesend Termination

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ver-maxwell-conflict-government-forced-sharesend-terminationIn an interesting turn of events, investor and adviser Roger Ver stated in an online Bitcoin community earlier this week that the bitcoin wallet platform’s pro-privacy feature, called Shared Send, was not removed due to government threats, contradicting his earlier statement in August.

Three weeks ago, Ver announced that the discontinuation of Shared Send at wallet was “due to threats of violence made by strangers in government.” Many users of expressed their disappointment in regards to the removal of Shared Send, as it was one of the very few privacy-focused features of the wallet that enabled users to break the chain of transactions for improved privacy measures.

However, earlier this week, Ver published another statement which explicitly opposed his previous explanation for the removal of Shared Send. A part of Ver’s most recent statement read,

“Other than general legal uncertainty about Bitcoin and crypto coins in general, I’m not aware of any government agents targeting shared send or directly with threats of violence other than the usual things like ‘You must get permission from us in the form of a business license to do much of anything’.”

Merely 22 days ago,

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